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Thanks for Your Support!

Currently the LDS Mission Network is in need of funds to pay for Bandwidth for the host. As we continue to grow, there will be a need to upgrade hardware to help support the increased usage.

Help The Cause

As many of you know, LDS Mission Network is supported by a team of volunteers. Our goal has been and will be to provide a hosting service with access to tools and resources that make maintaining a mission page easy and worthwhile. We've provided this service for free and would like to continue to do so.

We have been very fortunate to have internet access previously provided by Deseret Book however, at this point it has come time for LDS Mission Network to find hosting elsewhere. The LDS Mission Network may need to pay for Bandwidth, there are also hardware maintenance and internet registration costs that occur on periodic basis. These as well as other costs drive the need for further donations to survive. Thanks again for your support!

Current Server - Purchased December, 2003
HP Proliant

Dual CPU's
Raid 5
6 Gig of Memory
Dual Power supplies.
4 36 gig Scsi Drives.

How To Donate:
1. By Check

Please write all checks to “”
c/o Chris Hardy
5820 Dakota Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82001

2. By Using

Donating through Paypal is quick, convenient and secure. Use the button below to start the process. If you do not want your name listed in the contributors box, then be sure and check the anonymous box before you click the button.